Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Brews

During the planning for the vacation away I decided to grab a 12 pack of New Belgium Ranger IPA and a 12 Pack of Sam Adams Winter Lager. I have had the Ranger before but wanted to have more than one to get a better feel for the beer. The day comes and I pack up the car. My family got a few hours away and I realize that all of the beer is sitting in my car. I flew to my destination so I didn't get to bring any of it along. I was bummed but decided we are close to the home if the Sam Adams brewery so Winter Lager should be easy to find. Ranger not so much.

Yesterday I sampled the Winter Lager. On the bottle it says it is brewed with spices but I couldn't really taste any. It tasted like a normal lager, not hippy and not strong. The Oktoberfest beer is a far superior brew. I will try some more and see if I like it any better. So far 3/10.

When beer shopping I found a local 12 pack with 4 different beers inside. I will get the details and report back with the 4 reviews.

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