Thursday, February 4, 2016

In the Hopper

I've been brewing but neglecting to blog about it for several reasons. Time, time, and time. If anyone would have told me that adulating was this hard I would have probably just tried to be a kid forever. Deadlines, issues, conflicts, schedules, they all just get in the way of one of the most important things in life - brewing. I've been on a kit kick recently mainly due to the time factor and I have to say that it's not really been that bad. My tastes seem to revolve around IPA's and stronger Ales these days and I find myself wanting to brew a lot of variety in this area. I have an IPA on tap and a Brown Ale right now and both were kit beers with extract. Over the holidays I got some gift cards to Northern Brewer so of course I was going to use them on some beer recipes. They had a sale for certain kits for $20.16 so I jumped on that. The kits I got were all grain as I'm trying to force myself back to doing BIAB and get back away from extract. I migrated away when my bag was slightly wet and I put it in a rubbermaid and it got moldy. Had to make a new bag at that point. The kits I got are all fairly decent looking:

  • Irish Red Ale (for St. Patrick's Day hopefully)
  • Black IPA
  • Regular IPA (brewed the extract and have on tap now, good brew)
  • Vanilla Porter
I am really excited about the Vanilla Porter as that was my first ever real homebrew. I don't know what they'll send in the kit but I may go to Trader Joe's and get the nice real vanilla beans to use in secondary for that hint of vanilla. The weather needs to improve though soon or I wont be able to brew outside anytime in the neat future. The 3 feet of snow we received two weeks ago is still hampering efforts to get outside and brew. Plus, with it being winter I need to use the outside water tap when I BIAB and that's currently turned off so the pipes don't freeze. As soon as I see a Saturday or Sunday with weather in the 50's or above I am all over it. Until then, Slainte.

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