Sunday, September 12, 2010

St.Johns Brewery Island Summer Ale

My next installment comes from the same brewery as the last one but this one is just an Ale. The beer pours a really nice looking golden color (hard to see in the somewhat lacking photo from my Droid). The carbonation was much less than the Belgian from the other day. It really leaves hardly any head to speak of ontop and not really seeing any big bubbles hitting the surface. I don't detect much in the nose at all on this beer, could just be me but no aroma hops to really speak of.

This beer goes down fairly smooth and is very refreshing. Has some slight fruit notes but nothing really comes out and says what it is up front. I detect a little banana, maybe some other fruity taste like apple. The after taste is almost cider-like and in a good way. The beer is pretty clear looking through it and it's really mellow. I think this would be a decent session beer when all that was available was macro swill. Overall, it's about a 7/10 on the Tromps Brewery scale for its crispness and refreshing taste. If I were on the nice sandy beaches of St. Johns I would gladly have a few of these while watching the waves. Until next time....

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