Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uinta Brewing King's Peak Porter

Yet another brew coming to us from the beer of the month club, King's Peak Porter by Uinta Brewing. I have to say, never heard of them before so I had to look them up and see where they came from. From info on their site they are located in Utah but do have distribution in some other states. They started back in 1993 and it looks to be a fairly large operation.

The brew being offered in a Porter and usually porters really fit my taste buds nicely. This one does not disappoint! As you can see from the picture it pours with a decent head but it subsides rather quickly (possibly because of the glass I used, it was in dishwasher which we all know is a no-no if you want good lace at the end of a beer on your glass. Porters are typically dark brown to almost black in color hitting the high SRM range. If you hold this up to the light there is a very slight ruby color that comes through which is pretty neat to have a glance at. Let's talk aroma. This porter has plenty of it, loads of coffee and roasted malt notes right on the top. The tasting notes are practically the same, you get some chocolate flavors and coffee and a big roasty flavor on the tip that lingers around your mouth for a little while. The carbonation is very light which fits nicely to the porter style. I didn't notice the ABV on the bottle but it doesn't feel warm and porters are typically low alcohol type beers (even though most folks think dark beers mean "heavy" beers). I'd put this at the low 4's to maybe 4.5% at best. It goes down smooth and I can't stress how the flavors just stick around on your palate. I love porters so this gets a 9/10  on my scale and I wish I had more of this beer to drink!


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