Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ommegang Hennepin

Had this brew last night at a bar, it was on their rotational tap selection so it wasn't one of the normal beers they would have. Hennepin is a Belgian ale, a little malty but has some residual sweetness and spicy notes from the yeast used. It sits there with many other Belgian Ales as a decent session beer. It's slightly high in alcohol at 7.5% but doesn't come across with a strong alcohol taste or smell. It was poured in a Chimay glass which again fits most belgian ales, in a goblet style glass. It left a great lace all around the glass and the head was somewhat frothy. I detected some lemony notes in the 2 samples I had and possibly some orange. Neither was strong at all, they were subtlely there. I'd drink it again, 8/10.


Swarna said...

Where is this brewery?

ruinah said...

It's in my backyard. I'm a homebrewer and made tons of different kinds of beers. One day I hope to make it into production and open up doors somewhere.