Monday, March 21, 2011

Real Ale Brewery - Brewhouse Brown

At dinner last night I was able to sample a local Texas beer from Real Ale Brewery called Brewhouse Brown. Typically I love Brown Ales. They're malty, usually hoppy (using milder hops than a lot of the C hops) and generally very smooth to drink. I was at a steakhouse which was a little different than the traditional steakhouses. This one used open pit charcoal to grill their steaks and the steaks were grilled out in the general audience. This leaves your clothes smelling like charcoal after the meal but it was a fun experience. The Brown Ale was overall a very good beer to drink. It was slightly dry but had a nice caramel, roasty after taste. Left the glass with a nice lace also. Carbonation was slightly heavy to me for a brown ale, traditionally they are not overly carbonated. I think I would give this a 7.5/10 with good drinkability notes and just a few points shy for the dryness. I'd like to sample more beers from this place but I can't find anyone who has them anywhere else.

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